Monday, May 3, 2010

Love Affair Workshop

So if you're a facebook friend of mine you'll have seen my links that I've bee posting about the Love Affair Workshop. It's an amazing workshop for women photographers. I've still got sooo much to learn, but i can't even begin to think about how inspiring it would be (I wont let myself think of how intimidating it would also be!) I really really really want to go in the absolutely baddest way! The only thing is, it costs a lot of money...
But right now they're having a scholarship giveaway and to enter I've been posting things like:

"I REALLY want to win a seat to Love Affair Workshop. GO read details and sign up to join in on the fun!"

And every word of it is true! So, say a prayer for me and maybe, just maybe,  I'll win something for once in my life. (Besides those nursery rhyme games at baby showers. I always win those. That's thanks to my dad who insisted we read a huge mother goose book...but that's for another day I suppose.)

P.S. Here's a sneak peek of a shoot I will be posting soon. I have a couple coming soon actually! Thanks to all of my very willing guinea pigs- I'm learning so much!

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