Monday, May 24, 2010

Tiny Dancers

 All year long we practice and learn and dance and dance (and drive to dance and buy pink tights etc..) and finally May comes. May brings with it,  our town's huge recital. Everybody knows someone who dances in this recital put on by Broadway Academy of Dance,our best local dance studio! It was soooo much fun! They really know how to move you with dance. It always surprises me how emotional an art dance is.
 This year is my baby girl's second year of dance lessons and she did so well! She takes it so seriously and despite feeling kinda yucky all weekend, when it was time to practice or go out on that stage she was on it! Now she's already talking about next year when she gets to take ballet, tap and jazz... it might be a long summer.
 My darling husband grew up dancing with them too and when he was asked whether or not he would dance in their 20th year celebration alumni dance, he manned up and did it! He really had a good time too, despite the fact that he was the only guy on a stage full of women and dancing to a RuPaul song! It was great.

Anyway, I'm sure you're dying to see some cutie tiny dancers! Here are a couple of my baby girl and one of her besties. They were so extremely sweet in those costumes!

I'm sorry if the adorableness is too much for you to take.
Thanks for stopping by my little blog!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Chasing Cutiepies

So, I'm going to try to share a bit more about my process and experiences here, instead of just posting the photos. This is a sort of diary for me. This way, I can go back and review the things I've learned and what I'd like to try again.

For this shoot, Grammie and I decided to meet at a local park. My philosophy was this: Let them run around and play and I'll follow them and snap pictures. Then when they've "shaken their sillies out" we'll get some of them together that are more posed. This was okay, but i think next time I work with smallish children I will use the fact that they don't know me well, and are afraid not do do what I say to my advantage and pose them first. I don't like a lot of set up photographs of children, but it's nice to get a few! Especially if you're going to be spending the rest of the time just running and playing and getting mostly shots of the back of a two year old's head! Lesson learned!

Here's Ben and Aubrey. Ummm, yeah. They're freaking adorable.

He sooooooo wanted to jump right in!

 Natural Beauty...

 I trapped him in a swing. Not really, this just happened to be where he was, but don't think I wont use this idea in the future!

 So sweet.

Catch me if you can lady!

I just love this one.

Thanks to (Grammie) Katrina and Mom and Dad of these two babies. It was a pleasure!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Amelia

This oh-so-beautiful baby is my first newborn shoot. It was really fun and relaxed and Mama and I got to chat. What a sweet baby! Thanks for sharing her Amanda!

I couldn't resist.

Again, couldn't resist!

Sweet sleepy baby. Oh the pout and the tiny features! It's nice to be near a newborn every now and then and take it all in.

Amelia Before...

My second Maternity shoot was for my good friend Amanda. Her whole  family is GORGEOUS, so it's really fun to go and just snap snap snap away at all the cuteness. Amanda also has the kind of baby bump that makes us girls who just chubbed up all over- a little jealous...

Thanks Amanda! And we've got to get all your adorable kids together to do a shoot just for them very soon!

Goofballs on the dog house.

I love simple everyday moments...

And wait till you see the new wee one. Her preciousness will not disappoint!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love Affair Workshop

So if you're a facebook friend of mine you'll have seen my links that I've bee posting about the Love Affair Workshop. It's an amazing workshop for women photographers. I've still got sooo much to learn, but i can't even begin to think about how inspiring it would be (I wont let myself think of how intimidating it would also be!) I really really really want to go in the absolutely baddest way! The only thing is, it costs a lot of money...
But right now they're having a scholarship giveaway and to enter I've been posting things like:

"I REALLY want to win a seat to Love Affair Workshop. GO read details and sign up to join in on the fun!"

And every word of it is true! So, say a prayer for me and maybe, just maybe,  I'll win something for once in my life. (Besides those nursery rhyme games at baby showers. I always win those. That's thanks to my dad who insisted we read a huge mother goose book...but that's for another day I suppose.)

P.S. Here's a sneak peek of a shoot I will be posting soon. I have a couple coming soon actually! Thanks to all of my very willing guinea pigs- I'm learning so much!