Monday, February 1, 2010

And Moving On!

Although I had great classmates and teachers, school just wasn't working out. Life got too crazy around here with Mom traveling to classes 45 minutes away 4 days a week.  So I sought out a different way to learn my chosen craft. Imagine my surprise when my first choice of a mentor, Stacy Damon was more than willing to trade her knowledge as a portrait photographer for a girl who was willing to tag along and be her assistant! Everything has just fallen into place! At our first meeting I realized that my true calling was children's photography. It was just so obvious, but sometimes it takes an view from outside ourselves! Soon after, I was reading a book that Stacy lent and something clicked. I jumped around the house and clapped my hands; "I FINALLY KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO BE WHEN I GROW UP!" Hooray! Finally!

This a very good feeling for a girl of 27.

Since then, I've been trying to shoot almost daily. My kids are often my muse, they are so freaking adorable after all. But luckily, I have friends who are willing to let me in and use their kids as a guinea pig for the day. In exchange for some great photos (If I do say so myself) of course! Here's one such day. Mr.O isn't much for smiling in front of the camera, but I'm not much for making a kid say "cheese".  Mr.O is a perfect example of why a kid is so much more than a smile! Adventurer, farmer, dare-devil skier, well, you'll see...

And this last one is just too much to handle! I'm sorry, but a boy who loves his animals is one thing, but when the goat loves him back, what can i say? It's just tooo much.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back again soon!

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